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Poppersworld, Inc. Fans Have Scored

Poppersworld, Inc. is excited to announce the new Poppers basketball net that can be easily personalized to display a favorite celebrity, a memorial to a beloved player, a local neighborhood or community team, a high school or college alma mater, and even serve as a coveted collectors’ item or cherished memorabilia. Poppersworld, Inc. proudly selected Stahls’ to use their hotronix technology to produce high-quality images for Poppers basketball nets because of their strong foundation of innovative heat printing products and services.

NBA Champion and Detroit Piston Bad Boy Rick Mahorn’s Image and Likeness Featured On Poppers Revolutionary Basketball Net.

Poppers is a revolutionary basketball net that enhances the sight, sound, and mental components of the game. Poppers, a patented product, is sure to net extra excitement for basketball fans of all ages because of its remarkable popping sound each time the player shoots and scores, coming into contact with our unique leather strips securely attached at the bottom of the net. The Poppers basketball net can be used as a training tool. Poppers is a visual aid which can assist players of all skill levels in focusing on repeatedly shooting the ball through the net. Boys and girls, women and men can use this product to better perfect their basketball shot.

This specialized piece of equipment allows for full display of facial images of NBA and/or WNBA athletes, a local player, or even the gift of your child’s image or team. In addition, team colors, jersey numbers and signatures can be used to enhance, excite and further personalize this unique product. In fact, current players have already inquired how to play to fans using Poppers to highlight their images, jerseys and signatures. Poppersworld Inc., is proud to announce the Poppers basketball net which features Rick Mahorn NBA Basketball Champion of the Detroit Pistons Known during that period as one of the “Bad Boys”.

Incorporating logos for any collegiate team boasts another specialized feature Poppersworld Inc., is pleased to offer. The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) has granted the company a proprietary license to create this revolutionary basketball net featuring colleges and universities teams’ colors and logos for fans and alumni of their favorite schools.

The Poppers net, featuring a collegiate theme, is an all-around fun product that embodies school spirit and helps invoke pride and inclusivity to the many fans and supporters rooting on their beloved school now, and for future students who will carry on their families’ collegiate legacies. Players from other countries are certain to enjoy adding their country flag with their image, jersey and signature to our Poppers net, as we approach International Basketball Competitions.

Poppers basketball net can be used as a training tool as well. Boys and girls, women and men can use this product to better perfect their basketball shot. Poppers have made their debut in gyms and recreation centers around the world much to the delight of young amateur players, as well as many pros. As a result, players at all levels will enjoy the game. Our number one priority is to encourage youth to become mentally, physically, an emotionally strong so they may grow to realize their dreams.

Pop!Pop!Pop! Let 'em Hear it!

Poppersworld Inc., headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, was created to manufacture Poppers basketball net and other basketball related products.

Poppersworld is proud to support organizations such as, A.L.E.R.T. (Athletes Learning Educational Resources Training, National PAL (Police Athletic League) and The Saint Detroit, Sam Washington Foundation Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Midwest Athletics, and the Detroit Parks and Recreation Department Holcombe Rucker Park. Poppersworld looks forward to supporting other Charities such as Chicago Scholars and After School Matters, as well. For product information contact Poppersworld Inc., Vice President of Marketing, Bob Friedman at or visit

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